Monday, October 29, 2012

9 months photos...

I am way behind.  Lots, lots, lots has happened since Easter.  Mommy got a new job as a branch manager/closer at a title company in Las Colinas, you turned one (see future posts), and Daddy is now the manager of the Walmart location in McKinney!

We are busy loving you, laughing at you and with you, and being in awe of you!

Yes, Zeus is still up to no good, either.

At nine months, you were:
-A pro at sitting up and crawling EVERYWHERE!
-Smiling and answering to your name, turning your head to your name
-You loved you shake your head "no" all the time
-You finally have teeth!  Two on the bottom!!
-Sipping water out of the sippy cup, even the straw cup!
-You love to pull yourself up on the crib and your play toy table.
-Chewing on anything and everything you can get your hands on!
-You were done with bows at this time (SAD DAY FOR MAMA)

Here are pictures from your 9 month photo session taken by Rhiannon Evans Photography in June. It's really a shame you aren't very cute....JOKE!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Baby Girl!

What a special day today has been!!??  We were going to go to Church and to brunch today, but since our weeks are so hectic and fast, we decided that Jesus wouldn't mind too much if we rested and celebrated Him at our home!   

You are growing so very much, Hadley.  You are just over 18 pounds and you are sitting up.   You love to crawl around (or should I say pull yourself around) are almost crawling, and when you do, we will be busy little baby chasers.  You love to wiggle and kick your legs.  You like to get wet doggie kisses. You blow bubbles and make all sorts of sounds.  You make us laugh!   You are almost too big for your changing move around on it so much and like to roll over, so Mommy and Daddy have to be EXTRA careful.

Nana came to visit you at the end of March, while Mommy and Daddy went to Las Vegas for a little getaway. It was a fun time for all of us.  Nana and the Aunts from Oklahoma took you to the Coach outlet in Allen, and of course, spoiled you more by purchasing your first Coach purse.  Silly Nana!!!

On Tuesday, April 3rd, there was a big set of storms and tornadoes in the DFW area.  It was very very scary.  Mommy and Daddy were so worried about you!   The storms were very quick and they were doing a lot of damage to other communities, but God kept us all safe!   I saved a newspaper clipping for your baby book.

Here are some special pictures that Mommy wanted to share with you for your first Easter.

Easter Basket - bubble fan, little swimmers for the pool, baby wipes, a new loofah, and a stacker toy - chocolate for Mommy and Daddy too, of course :)

Easter 2012 with EB at Willow Bend Mall (Mommy and Daddy called him EB)

7 months young on April 6th, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sitting Up and Other Things!

You will be crawling in no time!
Every single day seems to bring new changes, Hadley. Each day, you get a little bit bigger, a little more cuter, and a whole lot sassier. Your laughter is contagious and you are such a good baby.

Here are some things that have been happening lately.

-You started solid foods! You really do not have any dislikes...if I had to pick one, prunes are not your favorite. You love sweet potatoes and bananas the best.
-You also love yogurt mixed with fruit.
-Nana and Pops got Mommy a Baby Bullet for Christmas and I make you some of your foods fresh.
-You wore NB diapers until you were about 10 pounds, then we switched to 1.
-You are now in a Size 3 diaper.
-You have been sleeping in your crib or sleeper (Rock and Play) since you were about 6 weeks old.
-Sleeping is one of your favorite things. You are great at it! Mommy and Daddy do not know what it is like to be sleepless.
-You have started teething a bit. No teeth, yet - as of March 2, though.
-Your must have's are: wubbanub and now, your lovey.
-We can go out to dinner and you will not make a peep! You are a great baby!!!
-Everyone comments on how mild-mannered and what a good baby you are.
-Zeus, Lola, and Tuffy all love to be by you and sneak a lick.
-You were not in 6 months clothes very long. You are already tall that 9 months fit you well (you are not even 6 months old yet - you will be on the 6th of March - in 4 days).
-You still spit up quite a bit. You always get changed at daycare in different clothes.
-You are the best thing to ever happen to us!
Sitting Up!  March 1, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hadley, the past 5 months have flown by...we have gone through a lot of formula, a ton of diapers, so many wipes, and a ton of smiles.  We have cherished moments and laughter with you, sweet girl.   We love you so very much.   I have told many people that every single day, you change a little bit more into a little person and not just a baby.  It makes me happy, but sad at the same time, that you grow so very fast!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Month - October 6th

Mommy is a little late at posting this...(what can I say?  I have my hands full)
There are so many fun things to report.  I hope I don't embarrass you with some of these details, but I want to remember all of the wonderful things about you.   From September 6th to October 6th, here are some fun things that have happened in our household and in the world in which you live!

-You love to sleep!  You sleep anywhere.  In Mommy's arms, on Daddy's chest, in your basinette, in your Rock and Play Sleeper, in your crib, and especially in your carrier!
-The doggies love you...they like to sniff you and sit by Mommy whenever you are in my arms.  They are so good with you, which had us worried a bit, but they have done great.
-You love to ride in the car.  Mommy and you will run errands and you love to sleep in your car seat and in the shopping cart at the store.
-You are such a good baby!
-Nana came and stayed with us for three weeks and was such a huge help!  Daddy and Mommy would have never known some of the stuff that she taught us and helped us with.
-While we were in the hospital with you, Zeus and Lola decided to eat and chew on everything in the backyard.  It was so funny...Pops sent a picture to us that said "welcome to the warzone".  They were missing us!
-The hospital food was so yummy!!!  We may go back a time or two and especially if you have a brother or sister!
-We love you so very much.  Everyone tried to tell us the great capacity of love and we didn't understand until after you were here.  Boy!!!  They were right.   Our hearts are completely full in a way you will never know until your child is born.
-You love your Swing and Seat that Nana bought you.  It is your favorite to Tummy time/chest time!
-Everyone comments on how beautiful of a baby you are!  It is non-stop and so flattering (and we totally agree)
-We like to sit outside on the patio and throw the ball to the doggies.  They love play time and you like being outdoors.
-Mommy goes back to work on Nov 1 and I am soaking up every minute with you.  I love holding you and taking care of you.
-You are so gassy, but you do well with your gas drops and Dr. Brown's bottles.
-The Texas Rangers are in the World Series again!   Which is funny, considering Mommy and Daddy's relationship started last year at the World Series game on November 1.

The first time we met you - love at first sight!  Love you so much!

You have already touched Daddy's heart!

Most beautiful baby in the world!

one month!  TIME FLIES!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hadley Faith Warren - finally here!

It gives Mommy and Daddy so much pleasure to announce the birth of our little girl, Hadley Faith Warren.  She was born on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 via C-section, at 6:01 p.m., at Baylor Frisco. She weighed 8 pounds 2.5 ounces, and was 21 inches long.   Our hearts are so full! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

@@@Getting Ready for Hadley@@@

We have really been "nesting" as people put it!  We are so excited to bring you home and love on you a million times over.   It's been so exciting.  Everything is getting "baby-proofed".  We had the house deep cleaned from top to bottom, Daddy has overhauled the yard, we have your play toys set up, and all of your big items - stroller, high chair, swing, bassinette(s), glider, etc...they are all put together. 
Your nursery is done and all of your clothes, blankets, and towels are washed.   Mommy's suitcase is packed for the hospital.  It's about that time! 
Doggies know something is up!!
Still putting shower things away!
Canopy Crown and Prince Sign
Bow board!  yep, it's almost full :)
Clothes, Clothes, and More Clothes!
Crib, Glider, and Storybook bin